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Tomorrow's Energy Today

Solar projects

The first and most-powerful SOLAR wireless charging battery case designed exclusively for the iPhone 12/13/14 Pro Max has arrived! is proud to offer our customers the most powerful and highest quality Solar powered battery case designed exclusively for the iPhone 12/13/14 Pro Max.   check it out 

Also check out the Barbados project 2009


1: Greening Barbados proposel 2009   

2: Sail One projections.pdf

Filing a Complaint

NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–, the world’s premiere free speech platform, is the latest entry into the world of social media. It gives a “voice for the voiceless” in an era when the world relies largely, if not mostly, on the Internet for communications, and the telephone is almost a thing of the past for customer satisfaction, causing more frustration and unresolved issues than ever before. fills that very important void. Now people can voice their complaints freely once verified and get results through arbitration! Have problems with a vendor? Restaurant service? Airline? Someone who’s wronged you? Cheating husband or wife?! All features of are free of charge to all parties. The site is a medium that bars no comments unless they suggest violence, threats or criminal activity. What is particularly unique about this service is round the clock United States based customer and technical support center that is available by telephone with live operators or via email.

Through unique verification and arbitration systems, companies will be assured these are credible sources with sincere complaints. Once the complaint is made, the customer has the option to forward the complaint to the company or person(s) who will then be shown how to log on to access’s built-in arbitration. Features of the arbitration include translating, transcribing and providing a transcript of the conversation to both parties so there can be no question about what was said or promised on the call, text or video chat.  If the complaint is resolved or proven to be false, IT WILL BE TAKEN DOWN! Arguably, nowhere else on the Internet can you be guaranteed to have negative information removed even if proven to be untrue. If unresolved or proven to be factual, complaints remain on the site and are logged for reference in the “organizations” section of the site in chronological order and organized by vendor. Thus, it is not only a way to vent, get satisfactory results, it is also a reference guide to get feedback on companies or individuals with whom one might do business, through a built-in unique search engine. Positive comments can, of course, be bestowed as well and they will get equal visibility.

The concept and site were created by Simon Wilby, a serial entrepreneur with expertise in taking inventions from zero to hero. Wilby says, “The site was borne out of a need to identify and call out unscrupulous businesses and/or persons and satisfy unresolved complaints. I believe in keeping things simple, thus came” Some of Wilby’s earlier accomplishments include telecommunications innovation, solar energy from consumer to commercial products, pet two-way real time GPS, and perpetual motion products.   Wilby is proud to say that and its affiliates are debt free and entirely self-financed with no investors or partners.  Even before its official launch, banner and video ads have been sold, which appear at top and bottom of each page on the site at all times on a rotating basis. Ads are sold on an annual contract with no additional charges based on click-throughs.  A twelve-month contract will include features such as social listening that identifies anyone talking about you or your brand online, age analytics, and ad translator.  Using Wilby’s new ( technology, complaints, arbitration, customer service, as well as banner, mobile and video advertising on will be translated in real time into any of 156 languages. There will be no language barrier worldwide with instant translation.

In addition, an imminently available social network meeting place that will rival Zoom is The site will provide worldwide access to meetings for groups of up to 30 people with   real time video, voice and text translation in up to 30 languages simultaneously.  The site and all of its features are in full compliance with all of the relevant agencies including GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) and the CPA (California Protection Act).